About Me

Hi guys, I'm Shirohige the creator and editor of egames46. I'm an Indonesian, came from Sundanese tribe, studied about programming language. My relation with video games, you could say a best friend almost never spent a day without it, quite addicted really.

Why i made egames46

I'm really love flash game, i like to collect it and play it offline "click and play" doesn't have to wait the games to be loaded. It's quite annoying wait a couple minute to play a flash game and in another day or time you must wait another minute to play a same game. Besides, an offline game could played in a full screen, doesn't need a bookmark, you know many games means many bookmark and if no bookmark let's see....... "search, wait and play" really-really displease for me.

Download download download always willing to download, but as you know a flash game mostly serve as an online game "no download link". Because of that tragedy i made this blog, i want to help a people who have a same thought with me, a same feeling, i want to make it easier for them, make it easier for you.